AI4ALL Data Privacy & Ethics Group

[The State of Facial Recognition in America]


We are a student Data Privacy & Ethics group from the organization AI4ALL, which increases diversity and inclusion in AI education, research, development and policy. Our group includes eight members from all over the country. Throughout the year, we have met each week to discuss data privacy issues and have taken a closer look at Facial Recognition Legislation.

Facial recognition has become increasingly more commonplace in our day to day lives. We use it to unlock our phones, try out a new snapchat filter, and to tag our friends on Facebook. However, few of us truly understand how the government uses facial recognition.

To summarize what we have learnt, we have developed a report outlining the role facial recognition plays in our society today, what dangers that imposes, and lastly provide solutions to the problems we’ve discovered. We have also hosted a webinar for people around the country to join featuring Clare Garvie and Emiliano Falcon-Morano, who are two experts on facial recognition use in government that are leading the charge to regulate it.