A talk about facial recognition in America⁠—how it impacts governance & our everyday lives featuring Clare Garvie & Emiliano Falcon-Morano

Facial recognition has become increasingly more commonplace in our day to day lives. We use it to unlock our phones, try out a new snapchat filter, and to tag our friends on Facebook. However, few of us truly understand how the government uses facial recognition.

Join us in an engaging conversation about government use of facial recognition with two experts who are leading the charge to regulate it.

Facial Recognition Webinar.mp4
  • This webinar was held on March 1, 2021 from 7-8 pm EST.

  • This event was moderated by a student group from the organization AI4ALL. AI4ALL is a US-based nonprofit dedicated to increasing diversity and inclusion in AI education, research, development, and policy.

  • The panelists were Clare Garvie & Emiliano Falcon-Morano

  • The moderators were Dara Casey, Dhriti Gampa, Anushka Mukhopadhyay, Peyton Schumacher, Brenda Samano, Imani Williams, Stephanie Xiang, and Alisher Yokubjonov